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AQUA Body Work
by Dreamer Dwayne Mckee | Aquatic Intuitive Movements & Stretching
A.I.M.S. is for the client who is seeking stress relief, and/or has a minor-to-moderate physical issue. Enjoy the magic of a aquatic massage, floating weightlessly relieving stress, minor pain and stiffness, while mentally & physically guided through the water, gently massaging and stretching your muscles! Enjoy moments of stillness that provides a fusion between your mind, body and spirit, leaving you in a most deeply relaxed state of being.
People of all ages can enjoy water therapy benefits, including children with special needs and senior citizens. A trained therapist can create a session that takes into account any age-related physical limitations to promote a positive therapeutic experience. 

Sessions are 30min | 50min | 75min up to a small group of 3 may participate at a time. 50min and 75min are extra. 


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