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A.dvance I.nidvidualized T.ouch

A.ssisted I.sometric M.assage S.tretching (A.I.M.S.)   Massage + Stretches

 Can be performed on a padded mat, table, or chair with optional loose clothing.  My general style is a combination of sports, deep tissue and Myofascial stretching. I have worked with both professional and amateur athletes, as well as many who suffer with short, chronic pain and discomfort. I strive to provide each person with the mix of massage techniques that will be most beneficial to their individual needs. Using slow rhythmic pressure along the body with hands,elbows and feet. It is a blend of stretching (yoga like) and acupressure. A.I.M.S. can be relaxing, invigorating and therapeutic all at the same time. Your body will be placed into various positions, It is like doing yoga without any effort or work on your part.
Assisted Isometric muscular stretching gives a the muscle a deeper stretch.

(70 Hand-on up to Included  add-ons) $130


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