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The Humble truth about Massage: What is a massage to you?

It is much more then a good rub down (even though you get a good rub down). It is a deeper connection to Innerstand self. It is a time to be still and present, to be aware and conscious of the reason you decided to have a stranger touch you. Have you ever lived in a city all your life and you only know parts of? Have you ever learn all the names of the streets you drive on? No, not unless you are paying attention. We too distracted and just going through the motions of life. Til then, all I can say that I'm across the street from the Superdome (Find Me). I never been on a tour in and around the city or anything in the matter of fact, I bet the guide will point out something you would have never noticed, even though you may have passed it up everyday of your life. Allow me to SERVE you and HELP you find your INNERCITYPEICE. Allow me to EDIFY on how relax should feel (without me telling you to play dead or possum). Let geaux of the why your holding on. LEARN what I am attempting to do for you though DEMONSTRATING what I'm feeling from you. I take the BS out of massage until yous ready to receive the gift of massage.

 I don't want to sound all educated about what I do. I've never gave myself the "proper" education after High School, I went straight to the Army but I've learn many Life Lessons from TV shows and experienced a few of them myself. I Innerstand that I'm a Spirit battling, fleshly understanding from what the world thinks. We fight flesh every second, we need to, I knead too. Just understand, my work comes through me, not by me. I give all the glory to Yahawashi from the power of Yahweh.


Most of what I do comes from a heart, that is lead by the spirit. I'm Dreamer.

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